PHRF Mid Atlantic – Serving the racers of:

New Jersey’s Ocean and Bays, New York Harbor, The Hudson River, and The Delaware River

2023 Certificates – New Certificate System Is Live:

Our new system is now live and the instructions to get started are available in the Certification & Certificates section.  Visit there for all the details and to get started.  Certificate cost is $50.

For the 2023 season, PHRF-MA certificates will be processed with a new system via this website. We will not be using US Sailing’s system going forward.  Applications will not be processed by any method other then our web form.

Upcoming Events:


Event Details – PHRF 101:

In an effort to help sailors understand PHRF Mid-Atlantic and how it works, PHRF-MA has put together a 1 hour presentation that explains the following along with a Q&A panel.

• Who is PHRF-MA
• How Does PHRF Work / Ratings and Adjustments
• Obtaining a Rating
• Handicapping Procedure
• How to Apply for a Rating
• Filling out the Application for a Rating Certificate
• Definitions and what they mean on the Certificate
• Appeal or Suspect a rating
• Optimizing your rating

Open to ALL sailors that might be interested in obtaining a rating, and to answer questions for those that already have ratings.