PHRF Mid Atlantic – Serving the racers of:

New Jersey’s Ocean and Bays, New York Harbor, The Hudson River, and The Delaware River


2024 Certificates – Now accepting applications and renewals:

The certificate system is now open for 2024. If you have not done so yet, please review the Application Worksheet as there are a few changes from last year. It is available in our Documents section and from the following link: Application/Adjustment Worksheet.  In order to process certificates in an accurate and timely manner, many more data points are required for 2024.  If it’s on the Application/Adjustment Worksheet, it is probably required. Just like 2023, applications and renewals will not be processed by any method other then our web form.

If you used the system last year for you certificate, proceed to the login page to continue:

If you are an new boat owner and need an account, follow the directions on the Certification & Certificates page.

Upcoming Events:


Event Details – PHRF 101:

In an effort to help sailors understand PHRF Mid-Atlantic and how it works, PHRF-MA has put together a 1 hour presentation that explains the following along with a Q&A panel.

• Who is PHRF-MA
• How Does PHRF Work / Ratings and Adjustments
• Obtaining a Rating
• Handicapping Procedure
• How to Apply for a Rating
• Filling out the Application for a Rating Certificate
• Definitions and what they mean on the Certificate
• Appeal or Suspect a rating
• Optimizing your rating

Open to ALL sailors that might be interested in obtaining a rating, and to answer questions for those that already have ratings.